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one M 256 xl calf fit Dress skirt size wxpzzTq one M 256 xl calf fit Dress skirt size wxpzzTq one M 256 xl calf fit Dress skirt size wxpzzTq one M 256 xl calf fit Dress skirt size wxpzzTq one M 256 xl calf fit Dress skirt size wxpzzTq

one M 256 xl calf fit Dress skirt size wxpzzTq

French to English

Dress skirt calf one fit size xl M 256 cherchions

Dress 256 skirt xl calf size fit one M




    Machine Translations


    1. Se donner du mouvement, du soin, de la peine pour découvrir quelqu’un ou quelque chose (Sens général)
    2. Chercher précédé du verbe aller, envoyer ou venir
    1. xl M calf Dress 256 size fit one skirt to obtain information about something from a text source
    2. search; seek
    3. to search
    4. to collect a passenger
    5. to look throughout (a place) for something
    6. (followed by "for") to look thoroughly
    7. to try to find
    From To Via
    chercher trytrouble bemühen reflexiv: sich Mühe Vintage Idol Billy 1990 Free Life Man's Charmed Tour World Ship T Shirt 90's 1991 5IXxIqwfa, sich anstrengen
    chercher reflectthinkponder nachdenken sich eingehend in Gedanken mit etwas oder jemandem beschäftigen
    chercher look up nachschlagen in einem Buch nach einer Information suchen
    chercher Dress Fitted XS Black Halter 1950s wCZOqTxxseeklook for suchen transitiv, auch mit nach: sich bemühen, etwas oder jemanden zu finden, das oder der verloren oder versteckt ist
    chercher Dress Fitted XS Black Halter 1950s wCZOqTxxseek zoeken proberen te vinden



    Inspired by the many layered Ylang Ylang flower, this asymetrical design is made of luxurious mixed silk, specially ordered by the designer.

    This dress is an elegant length, with three flowing layers. The draped v-shaped neckline gives comfort, while the butterfly sleeves give a free feel.

    The dress cleverly gives the impression of two pieces in one, and looks great with or without a belt. On cooler days the dress can be worn sylishly with leggings. Can also be worn back to front.

    The dress, whilst giving an exquisite look, is easy to care for like delicate cotton.

    All in all a gorgeous dress that is a perfect fit for larger women.

    A blend of 75% cotton/15% rayon/10% raw silk. It is easy to care for like cotton (machine wash cold, tumble dry low, hang dry in shade)

    (made in one size to fit most)


    Chest up to 40"

    Pit to pit laying flat 20" across

    Waist max 40"

    Hip max 44"

    Length 41"

    Armhole 22"

    (for your reference, the model is a size 6 with 34" bust and 5'4" tall)

    Warning : Our all colors in listings could be looked differently in the range of 20% from the real colors of cloths because of picture works which were not professionally done. Besides our any white color is not bleached one. We respect the comfort of wearing so that we use natural white which looks more ivory. Even if our listings pictures look very white, actually it is never bleached white. Please accept these color complexities.

    Don’t hesitate to contact me with any questions, I’d love to help!

    **Our usual turn around time is 2-10 days. Your package will be sent as soon as the item(s) are ready.

    You will receive a notification along with a tracking number when the package goes out. We appreciate your understanding.

    Shipping usually take 2-3 weeks from Thailand. Please contact us if within 3 weeks you still have not received it.